What is version of Chrome engine?

Cannot seem to find the version of chrome engine used in 1.7?

Can you please advise?

Many things will not work so have feeling it old.

One last question while I have your ear please:

What will the chrome version be for new V2? Will users be able to update the engine or will be forced to wait on updates in V2?


Chrome version can be found if you display the HTTP_USER_AGENT variable.

In ExeOutput 2 beta 1, it will be Chrome v39. You’ll normally have to wait to update the engine, but now all CEF files are stored in a “Chromium” subfolder. Nothing prevents you from trying to replace the files by new versions. If the application crashes, you can revert to previous files…

That is what I tried b4 asking and the results were gibberish (funny look characters). Will try again but much rather just focus on V2 beta:)

Thanks for explaining.

Hi. Where is the “Chromium” subfolder in version 1.7 to replace the files by new version? How to do that?

You can’t in v1.7, it’s for ExeOutput 2 BETA.