Where do I find xlspadlock-woocom

I am sorry if I am being stupid, but I have searched for the last 3 days for the location of the folder that we are meant to upload to the woocommerce site. I know I have had it previously, but cannot find it since I installed version 2021.1 of xlspadlock.

I see plenty of mentions of it, and section 6.1 of the help file says

“In the local folder on your computer where you unpacked the WooCommerce integration kit, you will find a folder named “xlspadlock-woocom”.”

but I have no idea what I should be downloading or where to find it. Please can you advise, and go easy on me if I have been an idiot and missed something obvious! Many Thanks in advance, Paul

https://www.xlspadlock.com/account then you choose Downloads