Where is the developer ribbon in compiled 2.0 file?

I have compiled a workbook in 2.0 version without using VBA lock and without hiding the VBA editor and cannot see the developer ribbon anymore. I cannot access excel options (greyed out) and I cannot go the route via right mouse click button on the sheetname “show code”. How can I allow any clients to write/record macro’s in the compiled file ?

By default, the developer ribbon is disabled to avoid manipulations by end users via macro code.

OK. So what extra safety does the simple VBA lock and hide VB Editor provide if I can’t get into VBA anyway ? I am asking this because I have still open a question about VBE6.DLL on this forum and since one guy told here that he managed to avoid the VBE6.DLL error by deactivating VBA lock I wonder how much the security of the compiled file would be compromised when not using VBA lock and not hide VB Editor.

You can still disable VBA lock and enable “Hide VBA editor”. They are complementary and we added the 2nd option in case the first one didn’t work for some users.
Do you want to allow your users access your VBA code?

I was one of the users in 1.4 for whom the simple vba lock did not work (as you might remember), so I am very pleased with the hide VBA editor option too. But, some clients have special wishes and do want to record some simple macro’s for themselves in the workbook that would allow to evaluate some what/if studies. Is there anyway that this would be feasible in 2.0 ?

I’ll see whether an option to show the Developer tab could be added to XLS Padlock.