White screen

Maybe, I’ll try to reproduce the problem with a USB stick.

Using ExeOutput with the trident engine, once the app is compiled using it occasionally and randomly results in just a blank white screen.

Using a right mouse click and returning to the home page and clicking on the same link again normally works.

However sometimes repeating the procedure results in seeing the white screen multiple times and then the next time the page will be displayed as expected. This behavior isn’t confined to one link or action it seems to be random and in-conistent and there are no error messages. The same pages work flawlessly in the web browser un-compiled. So it definitely seems to be do with ExeOutput and it’s output.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Can someone from GDG comment please?

Is the following option enabled or not?

I don’t see that option currently, looks like I need to upgrade ExeOutput, but will that fix the problem?

Sorry I am using the WebKit Chromium option not Trident (my mistake in my original post).

I can’t guarantee you that it will work in the latest version, since I don’t get this “blank page” problem.
You can try to install ExeOutput 1.6 on another computer, to see if it solves your problem.

I’m upgraded and still get the same issue.

I haven’t spent a lot of time testing the compiled, but my client seems to think the more you use it the less it happens.

It’s definitely random, sometimes on start up.

I’m compiling it for running on a USB stick, could that be part of the problem?

I’ve turned on the debugging options and running in test mode, I’ve experienced a couple of white screens, but no error message and nothing being written to the log file when it occurs.

That’s why this is strange. Probably an error that occurs in the Chromium’s code.

I don’t see the same white pages running in the Chrome browser.

Do you have plans to update the Chromium engine that is packaged in the compiled app? Last time I checked it was an older release.
Do we have to wait for a new release of ExeOutput or is there a manual way I can update the packaged engine?

The engine used is CEF 1.1025.607. There is no planned update yet.
CEF 3 is also available, but it does not support printing yet so we won’t use it until that.
No you can’t update the engine yourself. Even if it’s possible, the implementation seems to always change between new releases, so it would only crash your application.

I’ve ruled out the USB option, still get the white screens.

Could this be caused by javascript? Are there any known issues?

Some of my users have experienced this also. Sometimes they can;t get past it and other times it works.

Very odd and I’d also like to know if there is a solution to this at some point.

That’s good to hear someone else has experienced this too. The only way around seems to be right clicking and choosing “home” or “back”.

The problem definitely seems to be centered around the chromium browser engine.

I’m now looking to convert everything to work with the IE engine, which has it’s own problems…
Or find another PHP compiler.

Between a rock and hard place here.

I have only used the IE engine and the problem happens with that too. Often the “clickin” on the menu buttons don’t resolve it. It’s a weird problem that I haven’t manage to resolve yet.

If it’s possible, could you send the PHP code that causes this problem so that we can try to reproduce it?

Not sure if you are asking Andy or I for the code?
For me this happens throughout the whole project and I can’t send you the whole projects code.

Just chiming in , my project has white pages occasionally as well. I use very heavy jquery and javascript, I don’t know if you guys do as well or not. Sometimes I will also get strange characters appearing in the top left of the screen as if something didnt load or compile correctly. Doesn’t happen often, but it does happen enough. Going to IE is not an option as I can’t stand IE rendering of jquery and css and my app is custom built to utilize certain things webkit does better than IE.

Good to hear someone else has the same problem too. Yes we use boostrap and jQuery in every page.

Close to giving up on ExeOutput.

@gdgsupport can we get our money back?

Anyone has a sample that lets us reproduce the problem? So it happens when using JQuery and bootstrap?
I’ll try to build a sample.
@element121: since we offer a fully-functional trial, we do not offer refunds.

I have not had a white page or strange characters since upgrading to the new version, so that may have fixed it for me.