Will XLS Padlock work for us?

I have sent the following questions to [email protected] and submitted the form with the questions but no one has responded. I am leery of purchasing XLS Padlock if no one will help with questions or problems.

Please refer to website: https://www.dealerafr.com/index.php?page=purchase.php

You will notice in the Dealer AFR at a Glance area, that there are clickable pictures of 9 worksheets.

By clicking View Our Product Offering, you will see 3 different plans, which include these worksheets.

In the Gold, Silver an Bronze plans, we sell all of the worksheets.

Is it better to send each worksheet individually, or all of the worksheets in one workbook, since the worksheets may be used on different computers?

We would like the product that we send to the buyer to require some kind of activation key.

They must be able to make copies of the worksheets for only their computer, but copies saved on another computer will not open.

Is there provision for the case where a customer’s computer has crashed to reinstall a worksheet with the same product key?

Lastly, do we have access to a list of worksheets sold, with company name, contact information, and product key?

Will XLS Padlock work for us?

It would be better to have each worksheet in different workbooks. And compile these workbooks as EXE files.

This is possible in XLS Padlock thanks to this option:

If the computer has crashed, reinstalling Windows doesn’t modify hardware components, so the activation will be allowed again.

You can do it with the order manage of WooCommerce which is used in conjunction with XLS Padlock Activation Kit.

Feel free to try one of your workbooks with our fully-functional trial at Download XLS Padlock - XLS Padlock