Windows 10 Problem - SOLVED

I have a client who purchased one of my CD’s a few years ago, he has changed his computer and is running Windows 10 and when he inserts his CD into his drive instead of 4x4 numbers/letters coming up, 6 letters/numbers come up with a dash and a further 4 letters/numbers i.e. 012345-1234, I am running HTML exe 4.

I updated another buyers CD a few weeks ago and it worked like a charm,

Anyone who can help?


Since the computer has been changed, it’s normal that the system ID was modified. The format may differ because your ebook may have failed to properly determine the system ID on the old computer (based on the hardware you selected in HTMLEXE) and now works on the new computer.

Thanks for the reply, client misunderstood the directions given and eventually was able to supply me with correct info, he is now a happy customer.

Great, so no problem in the end.