Windows 11 defender prevents .exe file from being downloaded from TEAMS

A customer upgraded their computer system to Windows 11. Since then the Windows 11 Defender prevents the .exe file from being downloaded from Microsoft TEAMS. Before the upgrade there was an option “more info” which then allowed “keep” to be selected to allow the .exe program to be downloaded. The only option now is “don’t run”.

I was just wondering if anyone had experienced this problem and what the solution was?



The solution is to get the customer to right click on .exe program, select general tab then tick “unblock” for the new security question. This then allows the .exe program to be downloaded without Windows 11 Defender smart screen stopping the .exe program from being downloaded. The customer’s IT team worked this one out…eventually

It’s the same for all EXE files downloaded from the Internet and not code signed. It’s another security measure from Microsoft.