Windows 8 problem

in windows 8, when I click on my publication, it shows this error.

unable to download index.html from heserver.
unable to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or can not be found. Please try again later.

index.html is my home page while compiling the publication.

Cannot reproduce the problem. Could you send your publication to us?
BTW does the help file of HTML Executable work for you?

how to send you, attach file not supporting .exe file in your forum

You can for instance zip the files and upload the archive to This is a free and ad-free secure hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send me this URL so I can download the Zip archive.

procedure bms4;
S3: String;
S4: String;
S3 := GetGlobalVar(“rnumber1”,“564”);
S4 := GetGlobalVar(“rnumber2”,“4”);

This HE Script is working perfectly, on windows xp, but on windows 8, this script is unable to write anything to the registry please check.

WriteRegStr will only work in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE if the EXE is run with administrative privileges. Otherwise it will fail due to security restrictions. Try to switch to another key if possible like HKEY_CURRENT_USER or run your EXE elevated (Run as => Administrator).

We are running with administrative privileges only but it does not work.

But is the EXE file elevated? (Run as => Administrator).

yes we run as=> administrator the exe file.

Actually, if you are using Windows x64, make sure you look in the correct place: publications made with HE 4 are 32-bit only, so they will store registry entries in a specific location: see