Windows color dialog box



A suggestion for update, will be to add a function to open windows color dialogbox because the html5 tag doesn’t work with chromium.

Thank-you !


Why not? It may be possible to include this dialog box. However, we’ll have to find out how.


Maybe that link help :

Or this other one :


There is this color palette, I do not know if it will help you.
uses jquery.

Good luck.


Yes, thank you, I have tested that script before and it does’n work with ExeOutPut, on myside …


I use for most all projects now.

You can download for free and even use in opensource projects, but very small one time fee for commercial projects.


Thank-you, this is to what I have been using until now, but using the windows color box will be more acurate !


I have to agree with you on on the accurate statement. Never got windows dialog box to work so got lazy and just used jscolor : )