winscard PC / SC API

Hi, has anyone runned the pc / sc library on ExeOutput?

Info on: - This library is an extension for PHP using the winscard PC / SC API

It would be really great to make this library work because it could be used to take data from smart card readers and insert them in the database via html form.

Has anyone some idea to use smartcard readers with exeOutput?


The extension should work with ExeOutput if you choose PHP 5.6 in the PHP version selector of ExeOutput (if not available, run the Web Update to download and install PHP 5.6).
Then download the appropriate extension build:
And place the DLL into this folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ExeOutput for PHP 2019\PHPRuntime56\ext
Then restart ExeOutput and look at the PHP extensions page. The DLL should be listed: right click on it and choose Enable / Compile into EXE.