WMIC returned Unknow

Hi, the following code worked fine on my Windows 10 and Windows 7 PCS and returned the serial number:

$uniqueKey = shell_exec('wmic bios get serialnumber 2>&1');

$uniqueKey = str_replace('SerialNumber', '', $uniqueKey);

$uniqueKey = trim($uniqueKey);

But it didnot work in client machine and sent “Unknow” in response to my server.

In Exeoutput, I tried HEScript as below:

function GetMyCPUID: String;
 Result := GetManualHardwareID(2);  
 // Add here anything you want to customize the result.

And i executed following command in the command prompt

wmic cpu get ProcessorId

The results donot match at all.

Similarly, I tried 0, 1 and 3 as parameters in GetManualHardwareID but none of the results match the result of following command in command prompt

wmic diskdrive get serialnumber

I need the hard disk unique serial number to identify the installation machine. I am trying to check on every execution of my application whether it is running on the same hard disk it was installed. If not, it should demand reactivation.

0 parameter just returns a 6 character id as: A123-BDC1

1 parameter returns a long string as SCSI\DISK&VEN_AAA&PROD_BBB111B1B1B-11BB\1&1111B11B&1&111111

3 parameter returns: DISK&VEN_AAA&AAVEN_AAA

None of the results look like a serial number. in cmd, WMIC gave result as: 111111111111

Note: I have changed all numerals to 1 and characters to A B

Please tell me what I need to do in order to fetch the actual serial number of hard disk. None of these look unique to me. They might clash with some other vendor.

The GetManualHardwareID doesn’t return the direct system ID as wmic bios get serialnumber. It computes some additional hashsums before giving the system ID such as A123-BDC1.
To use the serial ID of the physical first disk, use parameter 3 and a specific hashsum will be returned from it.
For your client’s problem, did you ask them whether they get something by running wmic bios get serialnumber 2>&1 manually?

No, we havent executed the command on client side. As you said parameter 3 will also return hash, is there no way to get the original hard disk serial number?

Try to check the value of this global variable: HEPublicationDiskInfo
It should store information about the hard disk.