WMV videos not launching in exe

I tested your software useful and like to buy. I have many .wmv videos to be included.

In IE Publication, when I clicked on a link to launch .wmv video, this message is displayed.

Windows Media Player cannot connect to the server…

Please help…


To play WMV files, we recommend you to use a Silverlight player, as it works fine.
See http://www.htmlexe.com/help/mediafiles

Thanks for the link.

I am new. How do I use Silverlight player?

Do I just modify my HTML code?
Or anything else I have to include in my website?


Yes, you have to get the Silverlight player, and modify your HTML code to play the video. That’s all.

If Silverlight solves the problem, why can’t GDG software make it a plugin
to the program so that we can have it be resident in the compiled exe?

It’s not a popular player and Windows does not include
it by default. To use Silverlight, would the person viewing the e-book
on their computer need to install Silverlight to make this method work?

There is some legal reason behind this. You can distribute the Setup program, but you can’t embed Sliverlight directly in the application.