Woff fonts not loading in chrome

I have a html5 select with a list of woff fonts to use dinamically
I am using Chrome and font-face.

In xampp it works well, fonts are loaded correctly, but when I compile with exeoutput it doesn’t work at all. No errors in console.
All fonts are served from localhost, no external servers.
In trident fonts load well too, but I need chrome.

In xampp I get the error
Resource interpreted as Font but transferred with MIME type application/octet-stream

but fonts are loaded without problem.

Since in exeoutput htaccess is not supported, I can’t try to see if this is the problem in exeoutput.

Any idea?

Thank you

It’s because the correct MIME type is not correctly passed to the Chromium engine, so it can’t handle it correctly.
Custom MIME types are on the TODO list for ExeOutput, so I think it will be implemented in next version.
Thus, you’ll be able to tell exeoutput what MIME type should be associated to WOFF font files.

gdgsupport, search for remove checking of access control allow origin because using exeoutput in chromium mode looks very ugly when it is not possible to use webfonts :frowning:

There is a command-line switch which does the trick: --disable-web-security
const wchar_t kDisableWebSecurity] = L"disable-web-security";

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