Woo Commerce Kit New function request


I have new products that I want to distribute.

After a lot of thinking I did a characterization to my needs and also, I read on the forum and I think more xls users will be happy for this functionality.

Until now I was distribute my products with no expire date, you buy it one time and its yours for ever.

I want to start distributing with expire date “Periodic license”.

The products will be with two variations, One for X days subscription, Second for Y days subscription.

The problem is, if I my customer want to move his license from one PC to another in the middle of the license period, he will need to do a fresh activation and he will get once again X days of license.

My idea is to base on three variables to get the : “End of the license date” (on the PHP MainController file You call this variable “setExpireDate”).

So, the three variables are:

  1. Product variation id
  2. Purchase date
  3. The number of license days for this product variable

so, you take the the product variation id and get the “number of license days”.
Then you take the “number of license days” and add it to the purchase date, the result is the “setExpireDate” variable.

This technic will assure that :

  1. If my customer wants to move his license from one PC to another I can open a new order with the original order date and I block access to the old order, the Expire date will automatically remains the same.

  2. If customer plays with his registry and want to reactivate it, same deal, the new activation expire date will still remain the same.

  3. If customer purchased a license and activate it after two weeks (for example), the expire date will base on the “purchase order date” and NOT on the “activation date” and this is very good.

BUT, there is one more condition to set, that if the customer renew his license (purchase) NOT in the end of his previous let say a week before the “expire date” the new license should start in the next day after the previous license.

One more thing, and it’s a “Must VBA API” that you supply a VBA snippet that returns the remain day to “expire date”, with this snippet I can inform my customer when his license will end.

Is my request doable?

Do I understand properly the mechanism of the xls padlock and the woocommece or its not working that way?

If it’s doable and you are not planning to do it please let me know so I will find me a private PHP programmer to do it.

Thank you very much love your product.

Could this be useful?

If you use absolute dates for the expiration date, it will remain the same. We also have plans to check system date during online validation.