Woo Commerce Product SKU

For the reseller Woo Commerce, there is no field for the WooCommerce Prodct SKU for my publication listed in client. It is suppose to come after I choose the certificate to be activated, but it is not there. Do you know why it is missing?

Strange. When you choose “WooCommerce”, you should have this screen:

Is it possible for you to take a screenshot?

Yes. I can take a screen shot. However, the HTML Executable stopped working correctly and I do not have a product to enter in order to configure the reseller. I think my Avast antivirus screwed up something when I ran the HTML executable publication and it did a deep scan and I aborted it. Since then, the built in PDF viewer does not work. It always go to Adobe even thought the box is checked to use the built in viewer. Also, strange is the checkbox in the wizard for creating a publication for using the pdf viewer is missing too. However, when I open one of the samples that came with the executable, it opens with the built-in pdf viewer.

I was able to create the right working pub. Apparently, the pdf file I created got corrupted. So, I used a new file and that worked fine. I will check the sku now.

Here is the page with the missing SKU field.

Thanks for the screenshot. It looks like there was a problem when screen resolution is set to high DPI.
We released a new update for the Protect Ebook.net client. You can download the new version from http://www.protect-ebook.net and the Product SKU field should display fine:

Thank you.