WooCommerce 2019 Install help

Hi. I am finally getting around to installing the 2019 version of the WooCommerce activation kit.

I set everything up and I am receiving an error message when I go to activate the trial version of the product.

Here is the code that I entered in my JSON file (keys removed):

	"products": {
		"14739": {
			"title": "SE_DEMO",
			"xlspadlockprivatekey": "{xx}",
			"xlspadlockmasterkey": "xx",
			"variations": {
				"14743": {
					"usehardwarelocking": 1,
					"maxactivperorder": 2,
					"keymaxdays": 14,
					"shownagscreen": 1
				"14744": {
					"usehardwarelocking": 1,
					"maxactivperorder": 2,
					"shownagscreen": 0

Variation # 14744 should not have an expiration date, so I removed that line. Is there something else that I did wrong?

Can someone please help with this error message?

The error message is because your php error_level in PHP.INI is set to include deprecated errors. Change that setting and you’ll get rid of the error.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know how php.ini would get changed. I don’t get this error with the WooCommerce 2018 setup, so the only thing that has changed is that I made a WooCommerce 2019 activation folder. (I take that back. I have made updates to other plugins, through the plug-in manager, but nothing directly in the php.ini.)

I do not know PHP, so I don’t know how to make the change that you are suggesting.:frowning:

I did a search for “error_level” in the php.ini file. All that came up is “intl.error_level”.

It is currently set as E_WARNING. It says that the default is “0”. I tried changing it to “0” and got the same error message as before.

I have the same problem, and I even can find the php.ini file.
Can I have some help, please?

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I’ve been waiting since Oct. 26th for help, so I wouldn’t expect anything soon unfortunately. I hate that they are so slow to help. It’s very frustrating.

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Really? Do you know if I have to config something (on PHP) in order to integration with WooCommerce? Or the email-ordernumber is already implemented?
Where do you find the PHP.ini file?

I didn’t think so. I followed the instructions in the WooCommerce 2019 activation help manual and there is nothing said about changing the php.ini file.

I found the php.ini file by doing a search of my public_html folder in my cPanel file manager. Then I did a search within the php.ini file to find the “error_level”. Since I do not know anything about PHP, I am at a loss as to how to fix this problem. I guess I’ll have to just keep working with my WooCommerce 2018 folders instead for now.

Follow this guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW0B9NTId2g&feature=youtu.be
I didn’t change anything on my php.ini file. I just created it on my pc and then upload to my public_html.
Make sure that you select the extensions as the video shows. :wink: Hope I could help.
All strings that related to error on my file were as comments, so I didn’t change anything related to the error.
Hope I could help.

error_level is actually error_reporting. Try to edit your PHP.INI to set the error_reporting to:

For PHP 7.4, you’ll also have to disable these PHP options in PHP.INI:

Contact your web host support if you don’t know how to do it.

I changed these items and still receive the same error message.

Also, I did not receive a response to my question about how I entered the information on the workbook.json file. I am trying to set up 2 variations; 1 for a 14-day free trial, and 1 for a product that never expires. I didn’t see the second option in the help manual for the activation kit, so I removed the line completely for keymaxdays. Is that the correct way to handle that?

Yes, exactly. Do not define keymaxdays.

If you are OK, we can send you an updated version of the WooCommerce Integration Kit. It is still considered as Beta, but it is working in our tests.

Sure. I will try it. Thanks so much.

Please open a new ticket asking for the updated WooCommerce Integration Kit beta. Thanks.

Ok. Thanks.