Woocommerce Activation confusion

What a Great product. As with all great products the learning curve can be a bear. For all the problems XLS solves, the learning curve is reasonable. I have all functions working except for one, & I’m missing something.

My goal is “one button online activation” after purchase. My understanding is that if I do NOT use “hardware lock” the customer only clicks activate, XLS & Woo do the rest. Do I understand that correctly?

Please help by helping with my questions below and comment.
I don’t plan to use hardware lock since I’m protected by activation count.

1.) in Config.ini am I supposed to use user ID or activation key
2.) XLS guide 7.4.1 should I check the “end users must enter an activation key” checkbox?
(if unchecked the activation window doesn’t appear ).
3.) I don’t fully understand the token. Does online activation avoid the need for a token? If I must use the token is the “as delivered token” [email + ItemID]

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Dan L

Actually, it doesn’t count. Hardware-locked apps are also automated as you can see with our demo here:
The workbook is hardware-locked (meaning you can only activate on two different computers) and we don’t ask for any system ID.

Note that then nothing prevents some advanced user from copying activation data (and then your activated workbook) to other machines.

It’s your user ID as shown on the account page at https://www.xlspadlock.com/account

Yes it’s mandatory

Token is what identifies a record in the woocomerce’s database. By default, it’s email-order ID.