WooCommerce Activation

I’m trying to use WooCommerce Kit and when I try to activate the protected Workbook I get an error that says “The Key is no valid.Cannot continue”.

In my wordpress site in the orders section there is a massage " XLS Padlock Notification Workbook Activate" and the satus order is complete but the protected workbook cannot open.


It looks like your master key isn’t correctly entered into the config.ini file. Please double-check.

There is a typo in the documentation refers you to your xls product license. for the code … but that is your license number The user ID starts after the 1st dash of that number , (starting with xps).

In another email (I think the welcome letter) they DO have that number correctly called “USER ID”
I’m afraid that error cost me a couple of hours. hang in there its a great product

I had similar problem
I went through my config.ini
and had a typo.
Fixed it and problem resolved
Thanks for the tip