WooCommerce Integration Kit to support WooCommerce API Manager and WooCommerce Subscriptions

Hi all,

Since the capability of the free WooCommerce Integration Kit is limited as mentioned in other discussions, it would be great to improve it to support the two plugins WooCommerce API Manager and WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Nothing is free, and it would be fair to pay for the developer for this, I would be happy to buy the WooCommerce Integration Kit once it supports those plugins (of course if it is with reasonable prices).

Comments from fellow users and XLS padlock team, please.

The problem is that this plugin WooCommerce API Manager doesn’t handle hardware-locking. It’s more designed for WordPress plugins and online websites.

I believe that if you guys work together this will be possible.

Thanks for sharing this helpful information, Buddy. I am using WooCommerce Subscriptions, and its support is already very good. It is compatible with other woocommerece plugins, So do I need to install this WooCommerce Integration?

The WooCommerce Integration Kit is not a plug-in, so it will not conflict with other plugins from WooCommerce.

I maybe out of topic but i wanted to ask if i need to install woocommerce first in my wordpress then upload the integration files? i hope you can help. thank you!

Yes, first WooCommerce and then the integration files. Note that the kit is not a WordPress plug-in.

Hello, i am experiencing some conflict issues with WooCommerce Integration kit for padlock xls after adding this WooCommerce product table plugin especially in exporting xls files.
Do you think it can be plugin compatibility problem?