Woocommerce kit and variations


Thanks. Removed the entire full code though. Customers who want it can request it by Private Mail.
Sure, we’ll continue to extend the kit with additional options, however we must also keep things simple to install and configure.


I have a question about having multiple installations of the woocommerce file. Do I need to create a new user with separate API keys for each folder?


No, one user with the same API keys is enough.


Great! Thank you for the quick response.


I want this code please :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi support, can you please download the file and share it somewhere in your website so others can download it? Some people pm me asking for the file, but I can’t promise to reply them all timely. On the other hand, sharing the code via pm makes its format funny.
The file can be downloaded at the below link:

The link is valid only within 30 days
You may want to delete the link if needed.
Another feature that I forgot to mention: the expiry date of an activation is calculated based on the ‘completed order’ date, hence If users re-activate the software, the expired date would stay the same.


amazing ! this is exactly what I ask for in the Woo Commerce Kit New function request

but there is one more thing to add to this logic:
if the customer renew his license (purchase) NOT in the end of his previous let say a week before the “expire date” the new license should start in the next day after the previous license, otherwise he will lose a week to his new license.