WooCommerce Licence Manager + XLS Padlock

Has anyone got experience of using a hybrid of WooCommerce Licence Manager + XLS Padlock?

My aim is to mass produce license keys in XLS Padlock Key Gen then copy/paste these into Licence Manager (WooCommerce) as I like its interface (Be great if XLS Padlock had similar in Wordpress).

So far it works. But when the Excel workbook needs to validate the licence and then activate it, that’s when it fails to work.

Wondering if this approach is even possible.

Let me know your thoughts!

The online validation system in XLS Padlock is designed to work with specific formats and responses from the validation URL. Another URL might not return the expected information that XLS Padlock requires for validation. So, it fails.

To resolve this issue, if you have programming skills in PHP, you can use the activation and validation kit available for registered users on the XLS Padlock website (pure PHP solution not based on WooCommerce). You can adapt this PHP script to call your WooCommerce URL using cURL and parse the information received.

Here is a brief outline of what you could do with a custom PHP script:

  • Use cURL to send a request to the WooCommerce License Manager URL.
  • Parse the JSON response to extract the necessary validation information.
  • Format this information in a way that XLS Padlock expects and return it to the application based on the code in our activation and validation kit.

This approach would allow you to use the WooCommerce License Manager interface that you prefer while ensuring compatibility with XLS Padlock’s validation requirements.