Woocommerce subscriptions kit with PHP 8.1

Hello. Has anyone tried updating their website to PHP 8.1 and XLS padlock working with Woocommerce subscriptions? One of my users just got the following error when authenticating the application:



and it fails to authorise. I noticed some of the php commands in some of my own code had failed after the upgrade, so I was able to resolve that, but I don’t get any error message with the woocommerce kit so no idea what exactly is wrong.

I have resolved this now by reverting back to PHP 8.0, but if anyone has any advice it will be much appreciated.

Also, can @gdgsupport or anyone else advise how to find out which version of the woocommerce kit I have installed on my server - happy to upgrade if I am out of date and this issue is resolved in the latest version, but don’t want to risk overwriting what is currently working just on the chance that it is the problem

Thanks in advance, Paul

The kit is not ready for PHP 8.1 because one of our dependencies hasn’t been updated yet for PHP 8.1.

We will probably have to drop it if it does not come with a new update soon, however that means that all current end user activations will have to be reset because validation will fail as it was the case for you.

Thanks for the reply. When you say “drop it”, do you mean the woo commerce subscriptions kit, orjust the defuse/php-encryption part of the validation code? I’m happy sticking with php 8.0 for the time-being as it does appear to work unhindered.

Hi, I’m currently using WooCommerce Subscriptions with PHP 8.1 without issues.

When I upgraded from PHP 7.4 I encountered a problem with activation failing. I updated the code in the SubController.php file with the attached snippet from the MainController.php file and everything seems to run as it should. Validation also works fine. I shared this in a Support Ticket months ago.

I think the errors I received at the time were different from those you’re receiving however, so this might not be related to your issue with PHP 8.1.

Thank you @altair for the suggestion. So sorry for the delay in response - I found out PHP8.0 which I reverted back to raised the activation issue also, so I ended up going back to 7.4. I have been tied up with multiple XLSPadlock issues in recent weeks so this had slipped past me but will look into over the next couple of days.

Best Wishes, Paul