WooCommerce & Trial Products

I have one spreadsheet that I want to have a trial version as well as a version that never expires.

I set up 2 different products in WooCommerce for the 2 different variations. Individually they work fine. Each one has its own Activation Folder and they work fine individually too.

If someone purchases my Trial, and then purchases the non-expiring product after the trial expires, they cannot activate the non-expiring one without uninstalling the trial and downloading the new one. (They get an error code that says they have the wrong product.)

I want them to be able to just enter a new code that corresponds with the new product #. How can I make this happen?

If correctly understood, you want to have the same EXE both for trial and registered versions?

I want it to work like XLS Padlock works. I downloaded the trial from your website and when the trial expired, I purchased a new key. I entered the new key without having to download XLS Padlock again.

I’m using Woo Commerce and the kit for automatic activation and validation.

That’s what we are currently implementing in the next update for our WooCommerce kit.