Wordpress installation


I found out that installing all files of wordpress directly in Data folder is working good to.


Sure, it does work too. The “Data” subfolder is somehow similar to “wwwroot” or “www” or “htdocs” subfolders in server software such as IIS or Apache.

Yes, but .htaccess is not working and after trying to update plugins it doesn’t work to.

.htaccess is for Apache only. Plug-ins should update. Why do you say it doesn’t work?

I mean that .htaccess is not working with ExeOupPut.

It wouldnt work on an nginx server either. .htaccess is for apache servers only. I dont know what server if any exeoutput uses, it’s highly unlikely that whatever it uses supports htaccess at all. However, knowing what webserver exeoutput uses would be useful in fixing your issue.

.htaccess isn’t supported because it’s only designed for Apache software.
If you want redirections, you’ll have to write your own index.php router script and indicate it to ExeOutput, as explained here: