Workbook not working with Excel 2016 - SOLVED

Hi there,
I have just released a new version of my workbook for my office, but it cannot be opened with Excel 2016, only with Excel 2019 and Office 365. With the former version, everything worked fine, and I did not change any settings for the compilation. Minimum Excel version required is 9. The workbook is set up with Office 365 and XLS Padlock 2022.0. Any ideas, where the problem might be?

To create your original workbook, which version of Excel did you use? Is this the 2019 version?

It is created and compiled with Excel 365.

That’s probably why. Excel recent versions are not always compatible with older ones. XLS Padlock is not responsible for generating compatible workbooks between Excel versions. So, basically, you should test your workbook file with Excel 2016 too and ensure it opens fine without any warning. If a warning occurs, Excel will refuse to open the workbook once compiled with XLS Padlock.

Thank you! I will try that. Right now, I have trouble opening the original file with Excel 365, so I have to fix that first :frowning_face:

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