Workbook open macro does not fire

My workbook open macro does no more fire after opening the compiled 64bit file with the recently updated Windows10.
The same compiled 64bit file worked fine with the former Version of Windows10 and the corresponding 32bit file still works fine with Windows7

The two exe files (64bit and 32bit) were compiled with the same padlock V 2018.1 from the same excel source file.

I suspect, that the Function update Windows10 Vers. 1803
or the Windows10 Q-Update KB 4284835 make the Difference.

What can I do?

Is it auto_open or workbook_open?

It is workbook_open. My vba code uses both workbook_open and auto_open. If either of the two or both of them fire the code works fine. In the current situation neither of the two fire. I am used to auto_open not firing reliably. The issue here is, that workbook_open does not fire anymore as it did formerly or with Windows7.

We just made the test with Windows 10 version 1803, latest Windows updates and Office 2016 (version 1805, the last available) and workbook_open is correctly invoked.
Which Office did you use?

Thank you for investigating.
My excel version is Excel 2016 MSO (16.0.9330.2124) 64-Bit, my Windows 10 is Version 1803 and runs on parallels lite.

Crazy: I now have the situation, that workbook_open sometimes fires and sometimes does not fire after opening with last save or choose save the same xlsc-file.
And I get a device driver error message from windows referring to device driver parallels location Provider which windows cannot resolve. Recently (now no more) I had the situation, that shutting down windows created an unavoidable windows restart.