Wow, impressed!

I’ve been making a HTML5 RPG game for the past 1.5 years which is about 70% complete. I want to have 2 versions, an online one running in browsers and a offline one i can packup and sell. hense i thought i’d give this a go.

I am using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP5 & MYSQL in my game and some NodeJS for the online version later. I decided to give this a try not expecting much and i’ve amazingly got it work ! only took me about 1hour doing some minor code changes to get it completely working in Trident. :smiley:

Well i haven’t tried sounds yet as i’ve been testing in a Chrome & Safari browsers, i think IE has a slightly different sound format. It all seems to load up in Chrome version but the key events to move my player don’t work, so i can’t test it. Guessing it is an older version?

I have a question about the license, it says the royalty-free license is EUR 96*
Does that mean i can make as many projects as i like with that 1 license?, and what is the deal with future updates only being 3 months?? this would be the only thing putting me off buying now as i’ll probably finish my game in a few months time.

Anyhows i’m super impressed with this you could have a huge potential market in games and the advantage with this is it does things nobody else can do, it’s really amazing !

Thank you for your feedback.
Yes, you can build any number of applications yourself with one license.
For the key events problem, I’ll study this. Maybe it’s because of the way Chromium has been implemented.
The 3-month maintenance was created because some customers preferred to purchase a license at a discounted price for one project, they didn’t care about upgrades and new versions.
With the incoming update of ExeOutput for September, we’ll extend the free updates period anyway.

Ok thanks for clearing that up with the license, i played with the Chromium build some more and now i’m thinking it is something else not sure, but if a new build is incoming anyway i’m sure it’ll work as it works in the current version of chrome