wPDFView03.dll - Cannot load PDF Viewer engine


I’m trying to “beat the system” in a sense where I would like to get the EXE file I created with HTML Executable and run it on a Mac. The EXE file is essentially just a single PDF file that loads as an EXE.

I’ve downloaded wine bottler (http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/), and as I go to run it (and believe me, it gets sooooo very close to actually running), I receive an error that says:

Cannot load DLL: C:/Users/…/Temp/wPDFView03.dll

And, then, “Cannot load PDF Viewer engine.”

Does anybody happen to know a workaround, so that I can create a Mac application file with the EXE I created with HTML Executable?



It’s due to the wPDFView03.dll used by HTML Executable to display PDF files. This DLL may have additional requirements not necessarily available in the Wine implementation. For instance, is Microsoft GDI+ available in your Wine installation?

I have same problem, but this is when I install my paquet on Windows 8.
It works ok on all other Windos OS.

Can someone help me?

Is it a real machine or a virtual one running Windows 8?

Real machine. I have tried on different machines, with same result.

Which version of HTML Executable are you using?

Version 4.1

Thank you.

Try to upgrade or install a more recent runtime version on your computer: see http://runtime.htmlexe.com

Thank you.

Do I have the right to update my HTML 4.1 to 4.6?

I tried with http://www.htmlexe.com/help/htmlviewerpub, but no. It doesn´t work.

Sorry. this one: HTML Viewer Runtime Module - HTML Executable 4.x

If your maintenance is still active, yes.

I tried with HTML Viewer Runtime Module - HTML Executable 4.x. Didn´t work.

So, there is no solution?

Thank you,

It’s the correct runtime module. But make sure you don’t create a stand-alone publication (lite publication). Recompile your publication so that it uses the runtime module (it will look for the latest runtime compatible).

No. It didn´t works.