Write privileges to Sqlite database table from EXEOutput

Haven’t had a lot of luck here, getting some discussion and help on problems, but going to try this again. I have used a whole weekend trying to unravel this problem and cannot find any reference to it. I have a Sqlite database to which I have write privileges as an IUSR when working from my browser. When I compile into EXEOutput, I cannot write (Insert into) the table. I have gone to my security settings (Windows 7) and combed through all the users and given write privileges to the sqlite database file.

Question: the user name for the EXEOutput process when doing an “INSERT INTO”?

Crazy thing is, It looks like it works, because the table data reflects the insert while still in the compiled application … but it is NOT in the Sqlite table … if I recompile, and list the table, it is not there. I.E. there are no error messages, it seems to work, but does not write to the database. HELP?

Where is your database file, if its in the compiled application it will get overwritten on every compile. You can try placing the database file outside the compiled application in the data folder and see that working.

I do have the database standing alone in the Data folder, if I am understanding you correctly. It is listed in the Publication list of files … does that make it compiles inside the application? That sounds like what is happening. How do I put "the database file outside the compiled application in the data folder " other than what I am doing? Is there another setting I am missing in EXEOutput?

Thanks for your help.

Thanks, Achu, for all your help … got it going … with your pointing me in the right direction and my re-reading the instructions, I got it right with an external database.