XLS crashes when I use hardware-locked keys - SOLVED

I haved tried to use the hardware-locked keys on several workbooks (i.e. empty workbooks, workbooks with data, workbooks with VBA, workbooks in Excel 2010 and 2016. Also tried with all the system ID options) but doesnt work and it gives me an error: “An error ocurred in the application”. I have reinstalled XLSPadlock but nothing seems to work. I have submited a bug report with the images.
The standard way of compiling works fine. Its only when I use the system ID options that crashes.
I am using the 2.2.1 version of XLSPadlock in Windows 10 (with all the updates)
I need some help. Thanks.

The error dialog displayed is a bit exaggerated in this case: if you use the hardware-locked keys, when generating a key, you must enter the system ID of the customer in the field. In the error report you sent us, you forgot to do it. The error should appear in a normal message box, not in the application error dialog. We’ll fix that in next update.

The error message that should appear is: “Please provide the system ID first.

Ok. Now I understand. First you have to compile the workbook without generating any key. Give it out to the clients. Have them email the ID. Write the ID on the Key Generator and ONLY THEN generate the key. That wasnt clear to me. Thanks for your answer.

I’ve read the user guide 3 times and i still am unable to send out a protected product yet.
It would be nice if there was a video explaining all the steps involved.

But you have to tell us what protection you want to implement. There are so many different possibilities! Online activation, hardware-locking, dongle protection… What are you trying to achieve?

If there are so many options then where are the demonstrations of those example?

Here are some scenarios:

Which one do you want to implement?