XLS Padlock 1.4 released

We’re glad to inform all of our users that XLS Padlock version 1.4 is now available. We recommend all users to upgrade if their maintenance hasn’t expired.

What’s new:

  • New: “Lock VBA Project (simple VBA protection)” lets you prevent access to the VBA project of your workbooks secured by XLS Padlock.
  • New: a “Get Key Online” button can be displayed on the activation screen, opening the user’s web browser to a dedicated page and passing the unique system ID.
  • New: Decrypt Save File - lets you restore a save file (.XLSC) of the compiled Excel workbook without running it. Can restore saves created with versions prior to v1.3.0.
  • New: EXE Code signing. You can digitally sign your protected Excel workbook EXE files with a code signing certificate. This lets you disable the “Unknown publisher” warning and reduce possible false positives from antivirus programs.
  • New: make Setup programs for your protected Excel workbooks.
  • Fixed: “Do Not Disable Add-In” list was read-only.
  • Fixed: file version in EXE was always set to
  • Minor improvements.

XLS Padlock is hassle-free software for protecting your Excel workbooks, including VBA code and formulas.

XLS Padlock works as an Excel compiler that allows you to turn your Excel worksheets into secured applications (XLS to EXE). You can also protect Excel workbooks with hardware-locked keys, USB sticks or with strong dongle protection.

Free fully-functional trial available at http://www.xlspadlock.com/download

More information at http://www.xlspadlock.com