XLS Padlock Activation Kit

I have read the XLS Padlock Activation Kit Guide. Can you help me, please? I don’t see the copy protection. If somebody copies the workbook.exe file to somebody else and shares the data of the registration form, does this person get the permission from my URL to use the file?
Thank you.

Not sure what you mean about “access from your URL”. I may be corrected on this, but my understanding is it all depends on the licence/encryption you apply through XLS padlock. There is obviously no way to prevent the copy of the application, however, access can be controlled through the activation key. When you compile, you must select “End Users must enter an application key”. Once they open the app on any PC, they’ll be prompted to enter the key, at which point they can generate their “System ID”. If they send that to you, you can then enter that in the XLS Padlock “Key Generator” and create an “Output Activation Key” and send that to the user, to the user for activation. With this approach, the activation key, will only work on the specific PC that was used to generate the “System ID”, and the application cannot be opened without an activation key.

There is an alternate, which may be what you are talking about? as this requires website activation. This means that it can be authenticated through php online, which is something I have implemented along with WooCommerce Subscriptions and works flawlessly, once you get it working ! My system is setup so that once a user purchases a licence, the activation code they get is locked to the 1st PC they activate, and they must contact me if they want to install on a second PC. In this instance, access from the original PC will be blocked, as soon as they activate on the new PC.
I am terrible at explaining processes like this, so I hope it makes sense, but don’t hesitate to reach out if I can explain it a little better, or you’d like clarification. Best Wishes, Paul Liljeros, Pixbo Consultants Ltd

Thank you very much for your great answer, Paul! I am sorry for the delay.

I understand well that you are talking about hardware locking in the first paragraph. As I want my workbook to be used in a network this option has the disadvantage that every user would be asked for data of his PC.

The website activation is what I suppose the better way in my case. You have perfectly explained the important point that the activation code is locked to the first PC a user activates. So copying the workbook and sharing the activation code with other people is useless. So I have to learn about WooCommerce.

Thank you very much and best wishes, Wolfgang