XLS Padlock activation management via protect-ebook.net

Hi GDG folks,

I’m at the doorstep of purchasing XLS Padlock (actually the 3rd time upgrade since I’ve bought it initially several years ago but never had the time to use it since… but now I’m serious ;-)).

To my point… I’ve been using your protect-ebook.net server for several years in combination with a few HTML Executable apps that I sell. I find handling activations very easy and user-friendly with that solution.

So I’m wondering if there is any plan in place that you’re going to open protect-ebook.net for XLS Padlock executables at some point in the near future? So far, it seems like those two programs aren’t linked yet but IMO it would make a lot of sense, especially from a usability POV.

Thanks for your great work and best regards!

It’s on our TODO list. Protect Ebook.net will be enhanced to bring activation and licensing solutions for our other products and why not, in the future, general apps.

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That’s awesome news!

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