XLS Padlock crashes when folder does not exist

XLS Padlock seems to crash when one of the three folders (I didn’t test which one), does not exist:

  • Output path
  • Splash screen path
  • PFX file path

Seems easy to reproduce.
Do you need more information to fix this minor issue?

Are you getting any error report that you can send us?

Just did.

To reproduce, just enter a non-existing foldername in the output path (by keyboard or changing the folder name by OS in the background).

Yes, we could reproduce it thanks to the bug report you sent.

It will be fixed in next release.

Cool. I guess this counts for all the directory input fields. User input (me) is always trouble :wink:

Actually, it happens only for output path :slightly_smiling:. For input files, if the path is incorrect, the program ignores as if there was no file specified.