XLS Padlock- Internet Explorer 9 needs update message

XLS Padlock exe opens with this messages:
"This workbook contains connections that need Internet Explorer 9 or later in order to be refreshed”
I want to disable this notice.
Connections will open with the default browser. My default browser is chrome and also the same goes to 99% of users.

Which version of XLS Padlock are you using? Because we don’t use IE at all, it’s Excel that still somehow relies on IE engine internally for some connections.

Last version

The following are the steps that a customer took to resolve the issue:
Open the original workbook then perform the following:

  1. Export all modules to a folder
  2. Export all forms to a folder.
  3. Open notepad and copy the code from “ThisWorkbook” to the notepad.
  4. Open a new workbook in Excel.
  5. Move the excel worksheets from the original workbook to the new workbook. To do this press the control key and click on a worksheet tab in the original book, then move the cursor over to the new workbook. You can do this one at a time of while holding the control key down, or click on multiple sheets and then move them to the new workbook, but I would suggest not doing more than three at a time. ***Note: It may be necessary to remove worksheet protections before doing this.
  6. After all sheets have been moved to the new workbook, close the old workbook but do not save when closing. This way if anything goes wrong, the original workbook is still in its original form.
  7. Import all modules into the new workbook
  8. Import all forms into the new workbook
  9. Copy the code from Notepad into “ThisWorkbook” .
  10. Save and close the new workbook. You can rename it at this time as well.
    From this point you can reopen it, compile and it will work fine without any reference to Internet Explorer.
    This worked well for me. My workbook contained 33 worksheets. The only caution I would say is do this without interruption. All worksheets must be moved to the new workbook or it could create issues with links between worksheets.