XLS Padlock Key Generator PHP SDK - Need Help

I am a licensed XLS Padlock user who is distributing a Hardware-Locked 14-day trial version of my application via my website.

I have downloaded the phpkeygendsk files, which appear to have been created for exactly what I need to do. However, I have no experience with PHP. I am looking for any assistance or step-by-step resources that will help me install this feature.

To clarify:
-Currently, new user can download a .zip containing the program .exe and a help/readme file, and must then contact me to obtain an Activation Key based on the unique System ID which is generated by the program upon installation.

I would like to make it possible for the user to generate and then supply their Hardware/System ID while at my site, which will then generate the Activation Key required to use to program, all without the need to contact me for the Activation Key.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

We are working on a simple PHP demo for registered users, it will be available soon.

Hi - has this demo been released yet? Where can I find it? Thanks.

Yes I also need info on how to incorporate this into my wordpress installation please??

Hi RCipolla, Ideagineer and Erin_Greenman, where can i find and download a trial version of your application? To be able to use a trial without the need to have email contact for an activation key seems to be a reasonable requirement, so I’m also interested how this works.

Hi Support
When will this demo be available? I need this function urgently
You are stating the following in the download section of my account:
“Learn more about the Key Generator PHP SDK - coming soon”

Best regards

You’re using Wordpress? If yes, what plugins do you use for managing your users? WooCommerce? Easy Digital Download?

I’m not using any plugin for managing users. Is that necsessary?


Well not exactly,- I do have a plugin called ‘Contact Form DB’ to store the information on who is going to the download page for download

Have anyone in this group got the the remote activation to work?
I have been trying for a while now and would appreciate some help.
First I had a PHP error coming from line 152 in the file xlspl-keygen.inc.
I changed the line from
’shownagscreen’ => $this->$shownagscreen,
’shownagscreen’ => $this->shownagscreen,

That fixed the error I had.
Now I get the message: You do not have permission to view this directory or page.
when trying to get the key online.
I have entered my user ID and masterkey in the other file: keygendemo.
My site is built on Wordpress
Any ideas on what is wrong ?


We updated the key generator recently. Please download the latest version that should fix this problem.

yes I have got this to work… (currently disabled) but here is my version if you want to see how this is done…


Can u Show us the tutorial. I’m Very tired to waiting from support team to make it this function available.