XLS Padlock - System ID

What is System ID format and how the user can obtain it from their computer?


The user has to copy his/her system ID and send it to you.

Then you can create his/her key thanks to the Key Generator in XLS Padlock.

If you don’t want end users to send system IDs, you can also use the Online Activation feature.

System IDs have this format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Can the user only obtain the System ID when he/she runs the application the first time?

I mean: when I offer a trial .exe to download from my webpage I enable the option “End users must enter an activation key…” (see activation settings). With the download I also provide the activation key so they can use the product as a trial (i.e.: 10 execution counts). But, now my point: After 10 execution times, they see 1. no window with clear instructions how to buy the product and 2. they see no System ID.

Or am I totally wrong in my workflow (I hope so)?

When the trial has expired, the EXE first exits. On next run, the same window as below is shown again (and with the system ID):