XLS Padlock - Urgently - Help Please

Hello !

Some of my clients after the last update of Windows 10 began to send
that they can not now save changes to protected files (Files/Save).
Before this, there were no such problems.
The number of appeals is growing, and I do not know what to do about it.

Excel gives a message like this:


Format of the file FS17A400. does not match its extension. File may be damaged or unsafe. Open it if and only if you trust the source of the file.
Are you sure you still want to open this file ?

After you click Yes, the table closes and Windows tries to fix the problem.

We tried to disable Antivirus and the defender of Windows. But nothing
helps. But in fact everything worked before the update!

Previously, there were no such problems. I’m worried that the number
of appeals is growing and all of them are related to the update. How
can this problem be solved ?

Run system restore and disable updates on affected pcs…roll back to a day when it worked


My clients can not roll back the system.
This is very outrageous for them.

  1. Tell me, please, when will this problem be solved?
    I lose a lot of customers and with them money !!!

  2. When will the update?

  3. What are the terms for me to put before customers who have already paid for my product?
    Otherwise, they will want to return their payment.

  4. Unfortunately, this problem also occurs in Excel 2013 and 2016.
    I myself saw it through a remote desktop with Excel 2013

This is indeed a lesson leant for all of us that there should be a clause to cover this kind of situation which is beyond our control. I hope that XLSPadlock can have a solution for you soon.

I very much hope that XLSPadlochk in the shortest time to release an update to address this issue. I have more than 250 downloads of my file and already more than 12 have addressed this problem. It grows on increasing as an incoming wave as Windows keeps updating.

I had the same with windows updates…I have turned automatic updates off. Make sure your users have the critical service packs needed then turn automatic updates off. Xlspadlock can not controll Microsoft updates -thats a Microsoft issue.Get the OS stable then turn automatic updates off

This is not a problem for Microsoft - these are the new rules with which everyone will work further. The problem will continue to be due to the incompatibility of the Microsoft software with the current version of the XSLPadlock.

It is necessary to find out as soon as possible the cause of incompatibility and issue an update for clients. This is the only way to solve the problem!

This problem will be fixed in the incoming update. Microsoft broke several things in their last Windows update.
Note that this problem only occurs for users with the latest Excel 2016/2013 releases from Office 365.
The new XLS Padlock will be released this week, we’re finalizing all of our tests on different Excel versions to ensure that the new update works.

Very very grateful and look forward to!

Fixed in version 2017.0. Please upgrade.

Thank you for your update!
I went to study!

Does it work now for your customers?

I upgradeв XLS Padlock 2017. it working finally for my customers, but
I Found new problems:

  1. Function The ReadSystemID () does not work correctly!
    It shows in most cases incorrect information. But sometimes it gives the right data.
    This is very bad ! I really counted on this function !
    For ex.: Correct system ID is 942H-9E9F-F293 and
    ReadSystemID gives out - F244-A673-3FA2

  2. When saving XLS Padlock current settings as template -
    does not save selection from the tab Security / VBA Security

Write, please what can I do?

There is no reason why ReadSystemID gives incorrect values because it uses the same stored value as for the system ID displayed by the software.
How did you find out what ReadSystemID doesn’t work?

Yes, it looks like values are not remembered. We’ll fix it in 2017.1. Thanks!

Fixed in XLS Padlock 2017.0.1. Please upgrade.

Because All System ID saved in Database.

To activate the program - the user must purchase a license on the site and enter into the form the system ID that the program issues at the startup.

All saved IDs are shown to be correct, because based on this data after the payment is automatically generated Activation Kay, which customers enter to run my application.

Therefore, I have recorded absolutely all the System IDs.
And if it was a question of several incorrect symbols, it would be understandable, but the function ReadsystemID gives absolutely different values, and not in all cases. 30% - True and 70% false.

And this is bad, very bad, because I’m trying to build on these values my own validation system.

For ex.: Correct system ID is 942H-9E9F-F293 and
ReadSystemID gives out - F244-A673-3FA2
What is this ???

I distributed a program to 6 clients with the output of their system ID on the screen.
And only 2 of them had the correct ID.

So the function works, but with errors.
On my part, the conclusion of the system ID is extremely simple:

Public Function ReadSystemID()
Dim XLSPadlock As Object
On Error GoTo Err
Set XLSPadlock = Application.COMAddIns(“GXLSForm.GXLSFormula”).Object
ReadSystemID = XLSPadlock.PLEvalVar(“SystemID”)
Exit Function
ReadSystemID = ""
End Function

Sub ShowSystemId()
MsgBox ReadSystemID()
End Sub


It is also noted that this function does not work in Excel itself on the fly.
And only after generating an exe file


I have not tested the systemID function as I am worried my end users will face the same problem.
Is there an Excel VBA code that can read back the systemID from the machine for me to do the testing?