Xls-Padlock v3 – issues and question

Hello, I have a few issues and questions with your new version


  1. Still have problems with the right to left language, Specially when I’m trying to use the “registration form”, for example (of curse after the “enable right to left” checked) I have no control on the alight direction, I want to center the text and it always go right, I want alight to left the text inside the TextBox (so the end-user can insert an Email address left to right) and its start from the right
  2. I did exactly like it says in the woo commerce kit PDF instructions and after I try to contact the EXE workbook with the my website I get this massage.


  1. You didn’t guide us in the woo commerce kit PDF instructions how can I add second-different item/product. Do I need to upload the all “xlspadlock-woocom” folder again with a different name or do I just need to duplicate some PHP file with a different information of the EXE workbook?
  2. If the user does not have an internet connection and I use the “online validation”, is his EXE workbook going to open?
  3. I’m not sure that I understand the Max activation per order variable, it means that if the variable value is 2 and the customer order 1 quantity he gets 2 activations? or the maximum of the order can be 2?

Thank you for your great job!


anybody ?

What is your HTML source code for creating the form? Could you post it?

For 2nd problem, what version of PHP are you using? Your message box shows a lot of strange characters, which looks like your PHP isn’t correctly configured or maybe you’re using some PHP accelerator or third-party extension?

Yes, you have to create a new folder with all files from the kit.

It’s up to you. But online validation requires an Internet connection. If there is no Internet connection, and the EXE tries to validate, it will consider the validation as failed, and execute the action you configured in that case.

The maximum is 2. It doesn’t depend on on the quantity ordered by the customer but, if you are familiar with WordPress API, it’s possible to modify our code to implement that.

  1. you dont need my HTML code, all you need is to check on the enable right to left display, and in the “Registration Form Editor” try to center any text or see (after build EXE) that inside the Textbox (you need to writing in the textbox) the text is alight to the right not the center as I want.

  2. In the woocomerce plugin its display that:

  • server info Apache/2
  • PHP version 7.0.4
  • cURL version 7.29.0, NSS/3.21 Basic ECC
  1. So what should I do if I want the end user to activet with the online activation but I dont want that after every EXE opening the EXE will check validation.

  2. No’ 3 leads me to one conclusion that I have have have an Uninstall manual validation, it means that end user want to cancel the deal after his EXE verified, he need do to provide me a code that’s he gets after deactivate his EXE

How do you center the text?

Looks like a configuration problem with your server: https://github.com/woocommerce/wc-api-node/issues/43

Don’t enable validation in XLS Padlock. It’s not mandatory.

Deactivation is the last feature missing in XLS Padlock that we’ll introduce in a future release. A uninstall code will be generated when user asks to deactivate his activation key.

  1. as you can see in the attached pic, the < p> is centered and in the form it is align to the right (set RTL on the XLS Padlock).
    After converting to EXE, whan entering text to the TextBox, the text is also align to the right, and sometimes I want to center the text in the textbox.

  1. Is it possible that I have that issue with the woocomerce kit becuase my wesite is with HTTPS ?

  2. I just saw now the Online Validation - I dont know how I missed it until now :zipper_mouth_face:

  3. If I may suggest you fearturs with the deactivation:
    a) offline deactivation (with vba API) - user open userform, press “deactivate”, and get serial number and sent it to me, I enter it to the xls key generetor with his system id and see if it fits.
    b) online deactivation (with vba API) - user open userform, press “deactivate”, the request go to woocomerce … and you know.

Thank you!

We’ll report the problem in order to get a fix.

Normally no. The WooCommerce Kit can work on HTTPS, just see our demo here: https://demo.xlspadlock.com/
It works on HTTPS

Thanks for the suggestions! Yes, such ideas are planned. And through the command-line although this is less practical.


With your premission I want to focus on the two of my previouse issues:

  1. I install the new 2017.0.1 version and still the “align to the right” is not working. did you try to fix it ?

  2. I emailed my support team about the “WooCommerce rest cannot view” problem, and they told me that it seems that is nothing worng with the woocommers rest api and on the server the rest api returns answers except on some of the requests that there is an error “unauthorized”.
    They say that they need a log file or exact error and without that it will be very hard to know what is the problem.

Hoping to hear from you soon because I want to start useing this.

thank you.

We reported the problem but our provider has still not fixed the issue.

Make sure your server meets the requirements:
To use the latest version of the REST API you must be using:

WooCommerce 2.6+.
WordPress 4.4+.
Pretty permalinks in Settings > Permalinks so that the custom endpoints are supported. Default permalinks will not work.
You may access the API over either HTTP or HTTPS, but HTTPS is recommended where possible.
If you use ModSecurity and see 501 Method Not Implemented errors, see this issue for details.

We can’t help you more since we have no access to your server. Moreover, this is out-of-scope of free technical support.

Sounds like n problem on your .httacess file.Make sure that the directory have 0755 access rights and the files in it 0644

Ok, I sent your ansewr to my web host support team and they told me that thay dont use ModSecurity and I dont have any of 501 error’s.

I sent you an email about private technical support.

Thank you for your answer but I dont know what is 0775 access rights or 0644.

We haven’t got your email. Is it a PM on this forum?

I didn’t understand you.

PM means Private Mail

I still not sure that I understand you.

I want a private technical support, please answer me on the email that I sent you, we will continue over there.

Thank you

Security settings on your webserver which controll access controll

I’m waiting to hear from you…
I want to fix my problem and start to use the online activation kit.
I’m willing to pay for your time, just tell me how much is it, you can tell me here or to reply my email.
The best is that you will remote my PC by TeamViewer and fix it.

Thank you.

We checked all of our email inboxes and we have no email from you.
Please resend and use “XLS Padlock” in your subject.

Sent you again now to - [email protected]