XLSPadlock activation code not recognized

I have send this message on the contact form and to [email protected] to no avail, so I’m posting it here.

I have renewed the software maintenance for XLS Padlock and according to the xlspadlock site I have now an active maintenance.

However, I am unable to activate XLS Padlock v3.0.0, neither by Internet, nor manually.


Can somebody help?

Please check your mails. Your activation code was missing - characters.

Strangly the missing dashes automatically added by the XLS Padlock manager do not seem to work. However, when adding them manually it does work (or something else has changed?).

Anyway, problem is solved.

The manager doesn’t add dashes itself. Anyway, sometimes, - characters are not properly displayed or replaced by some “box” characters that are due to bad encoding. This can happens when you copy/paste from some software with bad character encoding implementation.