XLSPadlock Can WooCommerce run as subscription or just Fastspring

I am creating an XLSPadlock .exe file and want to sell it as an annual subscription that will renew and bill the client each year. Can this be done with the WooCommerce kit or only the Fastspring kit?

Also do you offer any paid consultants who can set this up for me?

With both kits. The WooCommerce Integration Kit also handles subscriptions if you have the WooCommerce Subscription add-on.
Our company offers paid installation for both kits, depending on your needs.

Can you reach out to me about paid installation? I have most everything in place.

Yes, just open a support ticket. Note that our engineer dedicated to that will only be available starting on next Monday.

Will do. Monday the 21st? That would work

Yes, this Monday.

Support ticket created! Thanks for all of your help!

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