XLSPadlock V2017 won't save the *.eula and *.lic files to the current folder of the EXE file

I need those files saved into the current folder of the EXE file, but the V2017 refuses to do this.

Support - can you please help to check this issue?

Note that this issue doesn’t happen to the V3.0.0.

It’s the new behavior (see https://www.xlspadlock.com/news page) but you can keep the old one if you prefer.
See .DAT file location

I knew that new option and put a tick on that when compiling. The *.dat file works, but the *.eula and the *.lic don’t. Please double check.

Support- I would like to follow up with this issue. How are you doing with this?
This feature is important to my compiled workbook because it is stated in the app’s EULA. I want to be able to let my users totally control how they accept the EULA and be able to remove/reactivate the license by doing that way.

The .EULA also is affected by the new option. However, it’s possible that there is already an eula.dat in the storage folder for your compiled workbook. If one of the two locations already exists, the EULA won’t be displayed.
Search for eula.dat in your UserData local folder.

For the .lic file, it’s created only in the EXE folder if the portable mode is enabled:

I upgraded the software to V2017.0.1 and I did exactly as what you guided. Now I can see the *.eula file showing up, however the *.lic file doesn’t unfortunately. A license.dat file keeps being created in the userdata local folder.
Can you please double check.

Just tested and indeed the .lic is not created in the EXE folder when “Store .DAT and save files in the same folder as the EXE file” is turned on. We’ll investigate why this is occurring. Thanks for the report!

Fix available in XLS Padlock 2018. Please upgrade.