$XPK=getActivationKey() keeps returning the same key

I’ve been getting users who keep on getting the same key returned; I have a page that generates 100 keys in quick succession, calling keygen.php, which in turn calls XLSPadlockKeygenAPI.php’s getActivationKey, which calls […]

I get 100 unique keys back, which is great. Only thing is, if I come back later and generate another 100 keys, I get the same 100 keys. All unique relative to each other, but exact duplicates of the 100 I got earlier.

If I rerun immediately after, I get 100 different keys; it seems to reset after a certain period of inactivity. Is there a random number generator somewhere in your key generator that isn’t seeding the random number properly?

Can you please retry? Looks like there may be some caching involved, because we use a random number generator properly initialized.

It seems fine now - thanks for fixing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback. The caching method was then the culprit.