YouTube Video Quality

When viewing youtube video in browser, I can choose to view in 720hd (or others) but when viewing same video in compiled exeout project, only selection is 360p. Results in very blurry video.

Are there any settings I can tweak to allow full video capabilities (720 and above)?

Wow. No help from support?

Anyone tell me where to find the codecs CEF (Chromium 64) supports?

Anyone have good tips on using YouTube and getting good results with EXEOut?

Sadly I have had to go back to using exeout V1.7 and NodeJS…

I don’t understand what you are asking for.
If you want to use youtube video so use the code with iframe and that way videos are looking very good quality in ExeOutput last version.

That could be the issue, having to use the API. Working on a school project and they do not allow iframe code. Not up to me to decide, have to use the API.

Some videos from others work fine with the API and show HD but no matter how I encode mine, max is 360p. Will just use V1.7, it works flawless with YouTube API.


Do an hyperlink with youtube video url , or use javascript !..or use HTML5 iframe

Could you try this option?

Sadly have tried Enable and Disable. No change either way.

Has to be codec so still searching for best vorbis settings. 7 and 8 make no difference.