Zip file before extraction - SOLVED

Hi everybody

I’m using packet-buider 3.3 to create an installer for my soft compiled using exeoutput.

Actually, my soft is a plugin of another software already installed on the computer.

What i would like to do is to backup the “main soft” (by creating a zip for instance) after starting files extraction.

is it a way to do that with paquet builder ?

Thanks in advance

You could use a command-line Zip program like the one from
You include the Zip program into the SFX package (Additional Resources page) and execute it thanks to custom actions before file extraction.

Thanks for your help, it’s working fine !

Now can i ask user for the folder name and using into batch file (called from custom action) ?

Actually I tried to add a custom action “Ask user for a folder” and to store the result as %MySourcePath% but when i made an echo %MySourcePath% in the batch file it’s empty :frowning:

But when I add an action like “display the message %MySourcePath%”, i can see the variable’s result, so I think, I don’t use variable in the right way in the batch file


The problem is that this variable is a PB variable. The BATCH file doesn’t know about it.

The solution: write the BATCH file yourself with a custom action. This one is designed for that:

Thank you, this workaround is working perfectly :wink:

Your paquet builder is just amazing


Thank you :blush: