Application.Visible = False (Workbook_Open event)

In my orginal xlsm file Application.Visible = False works fine it hides the excel application…if I run this after your exe compile it doesnt work -what must be changed for this to work ? when the executable is executed the excel must be hidden behind my userform(MainMenu). Works perfectly in normal Excel. I dont want to load excel worksheet before the form. If your software cannot manage this I will require a refund as this is A MUST HAVE elementary Function I require to WORK and function correctly. I am actually shocked that such basic function does not work with the software as this work flawlessly and correct in Excel but not in your software.Why dont your software support this ?

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.Visible = False
End Sub

Thank you

Are you using this option in XLS Padlock?

Thanks support for your reply…Mine is untick so no mine is not ticked NO

This is exceptionally important that this function works perfectly…Works in normal excel perfectly but not in your compiled exe…it stripps off the userform and loads the sheet completely ignoring the command

Then tick the option. Does it help? We certainly have found the reason of the Application.Visible not working in Workbook_open but first try to tick the option above.

Tried both tick and no tick…doesnt make a difference thats not a userform. I can confirm it doesnt work support thanks. Await a solution to this urgently please thank you


We identified the problem and it is now fixed in the incoming update. Excel will no more be visible after a workbook is opened if you deacticate the option below:

A few days are still required to make sure everything works on all Excel versions.

Awesome work SUPPORT -you guys rock thank you VERY MUCH for all your help in thus regard…this option may not be for everyone but I am sure you will get customizers that will require such as myself…Thank you very much looking forward to the update


Fixed in version 2017.0. Be sure to enable this in your project:

Thank you support -looking forward to test -I will report back to you Thank you

I can confirm this works flawlessly now thank you Support