Video Tutorial: How to include a portable MySQL in your PHP desktop app [ExeOutput for PHP] (3)

In this video tutorial, we show you how you can include a portable MySQL server (MariaDB) with your PHP desktop application compiled with ExeOutput For PHP, administer it with the shipped Adminer database management too…

ExeOutput for PHP 2019 Released - January 8th, 2019 [ExeOutput for PHP] (3)

:loudspeaker: ExeOutput for PHP 2019 Released Our updated PHP app compiler comes with PHP 7.3, Chromium 71, improved support for Code Igniter, and much more. Upgrade is strongly recommended if your maintenance is active.…

HTML Executable 4.9.3 released - December 12th, 2018 [HTML Executable] (3)

:loudspeaker: HTML Executable 4.9.3 released Turn your websites, HTML and PDF files into secure ebooks or apps for Windows. Our ebook compiler has been refreshed with several minor changes… Upgrade is recommended if you…

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