Empty sub-folders are skipped by file manager

Hi there,

It’s great to finally be have v2 to start experimenting with! It’s looking good so far…

One issue I’ve noticed is that it appears that empty sub-folders are skipped when you add your project to the file manager. We have an application that requires certain folders to be present and, in some cases, these may be empty. This means that the application breaks when you attempt to run it through EXEOutput.

The solution is to put a dummy file in the empty folders so that EXEOutput doesn’t ignore them, but this is unnecessary work and easily forgotten.

Please can you update the code so that empty directories are not skipped (or, if that is in some way a contentious suggestion, make it a configurable setting).

– Mark

It’s on our TODO list, but until that, you could also create empty folders in the “Data” subfolder yourself. But this supposes you’ll have to include it for the redistribution.