Excel seems to have stoped

my client get this error when trying to open the application. he tried to disable the anti-virus and still get that error.

Please check the ticket you posted. Looks like it is related to the new Windows 10 update and we sent you a new version of XLS Padlock.

Hello, I have problem with the same error box. I used latest version of XLS Padlock 2021.1, latest Office 2019 (all updates) and latest Windows 10 (21H2).

When I compilated EXE file with no new settings (as always), I can’t run file and showing this error. Older compiled file (about 6 month early) start perfectly.

Thank you for the help.

Same question: do you have any antivirus software? Is it Excel 32-bit or 64-bit?

Only Windows Defender, but of course I try all turn off and add EXE file to exception. Office is 32-bit, now I travel to home, when I have Windows 11 and Office 2019 (64-bit), so I try on this. Any ideas?