Excel seems to have stoped

my client get this error when trying to open the application. he tried to disable the anti-virus and still get that error.

Please check the ticket you posted. Looks like it is related to the new Windows 10 update and we sent you a new version of XLS Padlock.

Hello, I have problem with the same error box. I used latest version of XLS Padlock 2021.1, latest Office 2019 (all updates) and latest Windows 10 (21H2).

When I compilated EXE file with no new settings (as always), I can’t run file and showing this error. Older compiled file (about 6 month early) start perfectly.

Thank you for the help.

Same question: do you have any antivirus software? Is it Excel 32-bit or 64-bit?

Only Windows Defender, but of course I try all turn off and add EXE file to exception. Office is 32-bit, now I travel to home, when I have Windows 11 and Office 2019 (64-bit), so I try on this. Any ideas?

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I just got notified from a user trying to download my program. I am using the xls 2022 version on a Windows 11 computer and my excel is a 64-bt. My excel is fully updated.

The user downloading the EXE file is using a Windows 11 and the excel program is a

I have had other users not have this problem when I used xls version 2022 about 3 weeks ago and when I updated my program and saved the new exe file i am now having this issue.

Are you still getting this issue?

I’m getting the same issue. on Excel 365 and the current version of XLS. It only happens the first time I load the program after a reboot. Then, it doesn’t happen again unless I reboot. Does somebody have an answer?

No, this means that the Excel process crashes when XLS Padlock starts it. When you rebooted, did you run Excel alone first? And is your Excel up-to-date?


Excel 365 is up to date. It takes just over 30 seconds and the.exe spreadsheet also opens. You’ll notice the spreadsheet is successfully opened. The error seems superfluous or too short on the timing.

The Task Manager shows the following (without the Outlook which came up after I put together this message.)

The message comes from the first app; properties are below:

I know because when I end this app, the message goes away.

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Ok, we’ll try to increase the amount of time before the message is shown.

Hi @StevegHI , I hope you are well? Were you able to get anywhere with this - not clear what the resolution is, as one of my users has just started getting exactly the same problem. User has installed windows 10 H2 update (to try to resolve the issue), and is using Excel 2019 64bit.

are there any specific things anyone (@xl3391 @lukkemarten @tier1athlete @gdgsupport ) did to resolve this please - this has happened to a user that was working one day, and stopped the next, so happy to accept its related to a windows update, just don’t understand what everyone did to get their apps going again!

Many Thanks in advance, Paul


Doing well. On vacation in Argentina. I found that there was no problem starting the second time. It was always on the first time after I booted the computer. They really need to fix the timing or provide us with a wait parameter.

Argentina … Nice - Lucky You!! No problem - I think I am putting this down to Windows security, as it appears to be the most common issue, but its weird there seems to be quite a few occurrences of it on here, and yet no clear solution. I trust you got the installer working in the end - no need to reply here, its bad of me to go off topic :slight_smile:
Anyway, I am suitably jealous! E hoʻomaha maikaʻi loa