HTML Executable 4.9.3 released - December 12th, 2018


:loudspeaker: HTML Executable 4.9.3 released

Turn your websites, HTML and PDF files into secure ebooks or apps for Windows. Our ebook compiler has been refreshed with several minor changesā€¦ Upgrade is recommended if your maintenance is still active.

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Changes in version 4.9.3

  • Improved behavior for generating paths for external encrypted files.
  • Collecting search data is now performed earlier in compilation.
  • Fixed random crash when editing the activation URL in Registered certificates.
  • Fixed ā€œThe notification platform is unavailableā€ problem on some Windows 10 tablets.
  • The _heopenit target now uses the original filename and no more a random filename for temporarily extracted files.
  • Updated virtualization engine, PDF viewer engine, script engine and several internal components.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Compatibility for projects made with previous versions of HTML Executable

Runtime modules for version 4.9.3 are compatible with publications made by versions 4.9.X, 4.8 but not compatible with publications made with previous versions of HTML Executable (4.7 and lower).

The full change log is available here


HTML Executable is a software program that allows anyone to turn websites, HTML and PDF documents into Windows software applications (EXE files) featuring a custom browser. All source files (HTML, PDF, images, CSS, media, JavaScript codeā€¦) are strongly compressed and protected in order to make compact, secure executable files useful for distribution or archiving, without losing performance. Everything comprising the compiled website - ebook can then be customized according to your needs.

Thanks to HTML Executable, create attractive ebooks, full-featured HTML applications and software, reliable Rich Internet applications, presentations, digital publications, custom web browsers, CD autoruns, demonstrations, offline documentation and compact archives for easier, efficient and secure distribution of your contents.

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